Stocking Up!

In this series, learn how to preserve your harvest in order to enjoy it in the off-season.

Edesia Community Kitchen

Edesia is a cooperative kitchen located in the beautiful North Fork Valley, a place to take raw agricultural products and turn them into yummy products. It’s also a place for cooking education, parties, and creative entrepreneurs to develop their passion into products. It is a certified commercial kitchen available for rent short or long term.

Zephyros Farm and Garden

Too busy to can your abundance of tomatoes? Don Lareau of Zephyros Farm and Garden has some tips for you to process tomatoes!

Deer Tree Farm and Agroforest

AJ Carrillo of Deer Tree Farm and Agroforest demonstrates a method to preserve the harvest by sun-drying squash.

Thistle Whistle Farm

Thistle Whistle’s Mark Waltermire discusses the steps to salt-brine fermented hot peppers.


Jeremy Klepper of Sauced discusses how he uses local ingredients to create his versatile sauces.

Gray Acres

Jacob Gray, Gray Acres, raises cows and chickens for meat products, makes cheese (chèvre and feta) and grows berries for jams.

Farmhand's Harvest

Benjamin Capron, Farmhand’s Harvest, offers frozen lamb to stock up your larder!

Lending Resources

Steward logo


Steward is a private lender, working with regenerative farmers, ranchers, fishermen, and producers to provide the capital they need to expand and sustain their businesses. As their businesses grow and generate more revenue, they pay back their loan with interest. It’s really that simple.

Through our platform, Steward gives qualified lenders the opportunity to purchase loan participations—meaning they can join in our mission by helping to fund the growth of regenerative agriculture in their community or across the country.

2Forks logo

2 Forks Club

2 Forks Club makes 0% Loans:

  • The 2 Forks Club makes 0% interest loans to community farmers and local food entrepreneurs.
  • Loan funds circulate. So when a loan is paid back, it goes back into our fund for future loans!
  • Loans are selected based on loanee’s potential to make the greatest positive impact on our local food economy and a set of ethics established by loan selection committee
  • All loans are voted upon by members, and anyone that makes a donation to the club ($250 minimum / year, $150 for farmer/ teacher) becomes a member and can vote on loans.
  • Loans are selected annually

How To

Colorado Greenhouse image

Greenhouse Plans

A lot of folks have expressed interest in growing their own food now and Juno Farms figured the least they could do is lend a hand. This basic 8x12x6 greenhouse design can be found on YouTube videos and the like. They took this basic design and made it Colorado proof. Anyone can build this with basic construction know-how and basic tools. Everything is off the shelf from local hardware stores and the greenhouse plastic is just standard sized available from most any of the numerous outlets online. The best part is the cost of materials is $350+/-. Much cheaper and waaay better quality than you’ll find commercially.

Email them at and they’ll send you their detailed plans for free! Complete with pictures and x’s and arrows. Just their way of contributing to the expanded interest of growing healthy, wholesome food and helping our neighbor in these trying times.

Spring Bloom Evaluation image

Bloom Freeze Damage Evaluation

Steve Ela of Ela Family Farms posted a series of photos on Instagram regarding grafting, brush burning and doing a freeze damage evaluation with blooms. 

Master Gardner image

Grow Food. Share the Harvest.

The resources in the below button’s page are designed to help you grow your own food this year and beyond. Colorado State University Extension & Master Gardeners will help you every step of the way. More resources are added weekly and will change with the season.

Organic Farming Research Foundation image

Organic Farming Research Foundation Eduction

Organic Farming Research Foundation has created an Education page that contains educational guidebooks, soil health and organic farming webinars, online learning opportunities, managing risk resources, general reports, instructional videos and FAQs.

Kids Korner

Kids Korner

For the kids: a fun overview of farming with info on agriculture history, farming around the world, and careers in agriculture.

Workshop and Seminar Videos

Herb School

2020 Herb School

The Learning Council, Valley Organic Growers Association and Slow Food Western Slope united in 2020 to create Herb School – an offering to the community. Herb School met once a month from March through November. Topics discussed included many aspects of herbal wisdom: propagating herbs, medicine making, herbs as food, wild food foraging, herb craft, and more.

A number of the sessions have been recorded for your viewing!

Making Hay with Mike Straub and Ben Gillespie

Learn the techniques for managing hay pastures for high quality nutrition for livestock. Workshop covers hay production, hay crops, seeding tractors, equipment and utilizing livestock to enhance the hay field.

June 2020

Small Producer and Supply Chain Panel

A discussion about reclaiming local food systems, connecting directly with customers’ needs, and the core values. Sponsored by Startup Colorado.

May 2020

Lisa Ganora with Alicia Michelsen

A discussion of the significance of medicinal herbs during a health crisis like COVID-19.

May 2020

Regenerative Agriculture with AJ Carrillo

Learn how to plan, plant and manage your profitable ecological farm while restoring hope for the future.

March 2020

Seed Growers Panel

Daphne Yannakakis of Zephyros Farm moderated the Panel, which included Greg Cranson, Sarah Pope, Mike Chamas, Lance Swigart, Pat Frazier, Don Lareau and Laura Parker. Chrys Bailey provided opening remarks.

March 2018

Hemp Panel Discussion

Panelists include Dawne Vrable – Authentic Gardens, Elliot Brown – All Hemp Trading, Brian Stratton – Grower Remedios, Terry Moran – Colorado Department of Agriculture, Ty Odle – Paonia Extractor. With special guest: North Fork Valley Hemp Pioneer, Karla Tschoepe!

March 2018

Seed Growers Panel

VOGA conducted a Seed Panel session via Zoom. Panelists included Sarah Smith, Laura Parker, Pat Frazier and Horton Nash. Emily Hartnett, VOGA Program Director, moderated the session.

March 2021

Beginning Beekeeping with Julie Finley Ridinger

Learn about the life cycle of bees, evaluate the health of the colony, source clean forage through the season, learn the challenges facing your hive and more.

April 2021

Starting a Family Garden

Pat Frazier of Peace and Plenty Farm discusses the basics of preparing a family garden for vegetable, flower and culinary herb culture.

April 2021

Building Soil Health

Scott Horner and Lloyd Nelson discuss how to build soil health. Workshop held at Small Potatoes Farm

May 2021

Designing Your Small Farm

AJ Carrillo of Deer Tree Farm leads a discussion on designing integrated agroforestry using keyline design, permaculture practices and holistic management techniques.

May 2021