Michael Bailey, Holly Quinn & Chrys Bailey
41077 Hwy 133, Paonia, CO 81428
Chrys: 970.417.2299 | chrys@acsol.net

Sourcepoint Homestead is a family run Non-Certified Organic Homestead offering Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Milk, Meat, Pets and Herd Stock. Chickens for Eggs, Heritage Turkeys for Meat. Small family vegetable gardening and traditional food processing and preparation. Small Orchard of 50 trees including 4 different kinds of apples along with a variety of peaches, pears, nectarines, plums, cherries, blackberries and grapes. Herd shares, CSA, Eggs and Goats available for purchase. Select Educational Classes available. Baby Goat Interactions by request between late March thru July. Call to arrange visits. Tour donations appreciated.

Sourcepoint Homestead