VOGA received an Animal Welfare Grant from a generous donor! It was available to VOGA members who wish to improve their animals’ living and grazing space through pasture management and sustainability.

We had 3 grants available for VOGA members to receive funding for equipment to improve their livestock area – examples include movable fencing, electric netting, or animal housing suitable for rotational grazing.

3 recipients (Jen Sanborn, Vicki Halladay and Katie Hedley) received up to $500 towards new infrastructure for animals – chickens, pigs, cows, goats, sheep, etc.

Here are their reactions when notified of receiving the grants March 2018:

Wow!!! I am so honored. I will absolutely take photos and whatever else you guys would like.

Just wow!! This made my month.

I’ve been so excited about my pasture plans and this helps set the course.

Please tell everyone at VOGA how thrilled I am.

Thank you so much

Jen Sanborn


Just got back from vacation early this morning so I just got the news—don’t want anybody thinking I’m not appreciative here!

Was pretty interesting to see how Nicaraguans handle their livestock—-no fences to be seen and 5 kinds of animals all hanging out together, grazing along the road but none of them get into traffic…Smartest cows I’VE ever seen!

Thank you again for choosing me for a grant…

Vicki Halladay

Wow, I am honored! Thank you all so much! I will get purchase the equipment and get you receipts. I am so grateful for this opportunity!

Thanks again

Katie Hedley