By Tove Danovich | New Food Economy

Sunshine Mesa Farm sells eggs that go beyond what you’ll find in a grocery store. Store-bought eggs can vary from an 89-cent, Styrofoam 18-pack to pasture-raised eggs that go for $12 a dozen. They might be organic, GMO-free, cage-free, free-range, local—or none of those things. They will likely be either white or brown.

But Sunshine Mesa’s Rainbow Dozens come in white, green, sky blue, and multiple shades of taupe. Livingston keeps 20 different breeds of chickens, ranging from dark-brown laying Welsummers to locally bred, high-production blue or green layers.

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Sunshine Mesa Farm

The growing popularity for keeping backyard chickens has created an awareness of breeds outside the standard Rhode Island Red or White Leghorns. And that has given rise to a hunger for beautiful, colorful, Instagram-friendly rainbow eggs.

[Lisa] Steele, whose blog Fresh Eggs Daily has over 72,000 Instagram followers, says, “Instagram has had a huge impact on why people are choosing chickens.”